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Car accidents are caused by many different reasons, including inexperienced drivers, text messaging, defective road design, drunk and distracted driving, poor weather conditions and road debris. Victims of car accidents face injuries that range from soft tissue injuries to fatalities and catastrophic injuries. Whether your condition is temporary or permanent, you can suffer significant consequences, including physical pain and suffering, emotional pain, economic losses and inability to work. We strongly urge those involved in car accidents to seek, as soon as possible after the accident, medical evaluation and attention, even if they feel that they have not sustained any injuries. This is because the complete extent of one’s injuries may not be evident right after an accident due to the surge of adrenaline at the time of impact.

We understand how difficult it is to cope with the physical and emotional consequences of a car accident. At Hillcrest Law, our top rated and highly experienced auto accident lawyers are fully committed to helping victims and their loved ones by filing a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim in order to ease the financial stresses caused by a car accident. We will not stop fighting until you receive the compensation you deserve and need. We promise to NEVER CHARGE YOU UNLESS YOU WIN. You will also NEVER pay anything out of your pocket to our law firm for any reason.

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    The Hillcrest Advantage

    We are a top rated California car accident law firm because we have successfully handled a variety of motor vehicle accident claims. We want you to focus on recovering so we will handle your case (no matter how complex) from start to finish. We can help you even if you are deemed at fault for the accident. Our lawyers know how insurance companies and defendants think, strategize and negotiate. We do not fall for their traps.

    Although many California auto accident cases are settled without going to court, at Hillcrest Law, we use our seasoned big law firm experience to maximize results for our clients. We do not solely rely on negotiating a settlement compromise. Our ability and willingness to take a case to trial allow us to evade bullying tactics used by hostile defendants and big insurance companies.

    Types of California Car Accident Cases We Handle

    At Hillcrest Law, we are experts at what we do and we focus our practice primarily on personal injury law. We have the necessary resources to conduct thorough investigations, top doctors that work on a lien, and much more. 

    We are highly experienced at assisting clients in the following types of motor vehicle cases:

    • Truck Accidents
    • Pedestrian Accidents
    • Motorcycle Accidents
    • Bicycle Accidents
    • Rideshare Accidents
    • Drunk Driving Accidents
    • Distracted Driving Accidents
    • Single-Vehicle Accidents
    • Hit and Run Accidents
    • Failure to Yield Accidents
    • Tire Blowout Accidents
    • Car Accidents Resulting in Catastrophic Injuries
    • Accidents Caused by Mechanical Malfunctions
    • Accidents Caused by Defective Road Design
    • Accidents Caused by Road Hazards
    • Car Accidents Resulting in Wrongful Death

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