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A slip and fall is a common accident in which a person slips on in his or her path and falls in the process. These slip, and falls often happen in the stores we shop in, in the restaurants we frequent, or in their attendant parking lots. When you are on foot and heading into a store from your vehicle or in a store or restaurant, you probably aren’t very concerned about your safety because, you are a welcome guest in a public space.

Under California law,  you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries if a property owner is found liable for the accident as a result of the owner’s actions which created the risk or the owner’s failure to take action which could have mitigated the risk. Additionally, property owners and managers of commercial properties in California owe visitors who have the intent to conduct an economic transaction a heightened duty of care. For example, a property owner has a duty to warn and/or protect an invitee of all known and knowable dangers. Common dangers can include wet or slippery floors, bad lighting, food and debris on the floor left for an unreasonable amount of time, stairs that our not built to code, loose carpeting and many other conditions.

Coping with the physical and emotional impact of a slip and fall accident is never easy. In addition to the physical and emotional pain and suffering, fall victims often face overwhelming financial debt due to steep medical bills and lost income as well. At Hillcrest Law, our top rated and highly experienced slip and fall lawyers are committed to helping you by filing a personal injury claim in order to ease the financial stresses. We will not stop fighting until you receive the compensation that you deserve and need. We will NEVER CHARGE YOU UNLESS YOU WIN. You will NEVER pay anything out of your pocket to our law firm no matter what.

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Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

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    We are a top rated California slip and fall law firm because we have successfully handled a variety of these accident claims. We want you to focus on recovering so we will handle your case (no matter how complex) from start to finish. We can help you even if you are deemed at fault for the accident. Our lawyers know how insurance companies and defendants think, strategize and negotiate. We do not fall for their traps.

    Although many California slip and fall cases are settled without going to court, at Hillcrest Law, we use our seasoned big law firm experience to maximize results for our clients. We do not solely rely on negotiating a settlement compromise. Our ability and willingness to take a case to trial allow us to evade bullying tactics used by hostile defendants and big insurance companies.

    Types of California Slip/Trip & Fall Cases We Handle

    We are very experienced at assisting clients in the following types of slip/trip and fall cases:

    • Indoor slip/trip and fall injuries
    • Outdoor slip/trip and fall injuries
    • Slip/trip and falls in supermarkets
    • Slip/trip and falls at marinas
    • Slip/trip and falls on boats
    • Slip/trip and falls in apartment complexes
    • Slip/trip and falls on elevators or escalators
    • Slip/trip and falls that occur on sidewalks and walkways
    • Slip/trip and falls that occur on tile, carpet, concrete, or linoleum
    • Slip/trip and falls due to inadequate lighting or lack of handrails

    We are also very experienced at assisting clients in the following types of premises liability cases:

    • Explosions or fires on any premises
    • Swimming pool and jacuzzi injuries
    • Injuries suffered by security guards or bouncers or injuries suffered due to lack of or negligent security on premises
    • Injuries due to broken glass
    • Injuries at amusement parks, farms, residential homes, malls, and theaters
    • Injuries resulting from apartment complex negligence
    • Playground Accidents or Injuries at School
    • Dog & Animal Attacks on any premises

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